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Vacuuming Before Cleaning Carpet: Is It Necessary?

Since their equipment frequently extracts lint and dirt, professional carpet cleaners rarely vacuum first. But a homeowner might still clean up before they get there! A thorough vacuuming enables them to assess the state of the floor and modify their strategies as necessary. Additionally, the fewer detritus that needs to be removed by their equipment, the more easily it can remove ground-in dirt. Additionally, you may want to take notice of a few extra hints for getting your home ready before a carpet cleaning specialist like us, Ultra Brite Carpet & Tile Cleaning, shows up. Their job can be significantly more accessible and more productive with just a few easy actions of these carpet cleaning procedures!

1. Professional carpet cleaners must pass hoses from their vehicles through your doors.
Moving automobiles, toys, and other impediments out of the path between your driveway and entryway are also beneficial.

2. Take the long curtains off the ground.
You can fold them, tie them up, or drape them over the curtain rod! Whatever your approach, this helps protect the draperies while the carpet cleaner is cleaning.

3. Rearrange as much furniture as you can out of the way.
For moving furniture, your carpet cleaning team typically brings assistance. However, the more items you can move, the quicker your cleaning project will be!

4. Pick up smaller items from the floor in the same manner.
Additionally, this expedites their work and lowers the possibility of destroying those objects.

5. Note any stains or blemishes that require additional treatment.
By doing this, you can ensure that your contractor won't forget to clean such locations!

Above all, be careful to confine children and pets, and keep your kids and pets away from carpet cleaning equipment to avoid disturbing the workers! It lessens the chance that your children and animal buddies will be hurt!

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