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In choosing a rug for the floor, you need to pay attention to the motif of the rug. Because the motifs on a rug can change the atmosphere in a room. For this reason, make sure you choose a rug motif that matches the concept and design of your room. You should avoid choosing a rug with a motif that is too busy because it seems unsightly. For this reason, choose a rug that is not too excessive and then choose a rug with a slightly dark color so that it gives an elegant impression to your room. But if you want a more cheerful impression, you can choose a rug with a bright color. However, for the dining room, you should avoid using bright colored rugs so that they don't get dirty easily when stained. How to care for this rug must be done regularly. For every day you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your rug. However, once every 3 weeks, you must wash your rugs so that they are clean. If you have trouble or don't have time to wash it, then using this steam star carpet cleaning is the right choice.

If the rug is stained, you should immediately clean the stain on your rug but don't rub it as this will only spread the stain. You can use a special steam engine to remove stains on the carpet, so the stain on the carpet will disappear faster.

For daily maintenance of the rug, you can use a vacuum cleaner because with a vacuum cleaner the dust or germs that stick to the rug will be removed and this will make the rug clean. Do this every day so that you have no trouble cleaning the rug if the dirt accumulates too much due to rarely cleaning it.

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