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Steam Star Carpet & Tile Cleaning is the agency of oxiclean carpet cleaning. We offer prices for marble, and granite polishing services at economical prices. With professional work services and satisfying results, is developing a cement-based formula that is currently being loved by ethnic homeowners by highlighting an artistic impression. The cement floor polishing process is different from marble polishing or terrazzo polishing. This is because cement is the most paid-off material compared to other types of installed floors such as tiles and terrazzo.

Floor Polishing Service Terms

1. Cement floor must be completely dry

2. The thickness of the cement mortar is at least 3-4 mm

3. Hair cracks won't go away

4. We did not repair the construction of the filling failure caused by the cement mixture mix error.

5. Does not change the color of cement mortar

6. The polishing material uses a special polymer liquid that can bind cement floors,

7. Apart from the cost of cement polish, we accept cement floor sealer with anti-detergent material

8. The price of initial polish and re-polish is different

Steam Star Carpet & Tile Cleaning is a Company that focuses on cleaning, tidiness, and hygiene services from a building both indoor and outdoor, we are committed to providing the best service at a relatively low cost and quality, supported by skilled workers in their fields, in using cleaning agents that are suitable for the type of surface of the object, so as not to damage the surface of the object, are environmentally friendly, and can kill human nuisance germs. We also use modern cleaning equipment which refers to the efficiency of time and energy, maintaining the image of the building in the eyes of its customers and not damaging the surface of objects.

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