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So, you've decided to take the plunge and purchase a car from a buy here pay here dealership. Congrats on the new wheels! But before you start cruising around town, let's talk with buy here pay here west virginia about something important: paying off that loan.

When you finance a car through a buy-here-pay dealership, you're not just dealing with some faceless bank or lending institution. No, no, no. You're dealing with the dealership itself, which means that they're coming after you if you don't make your payments. And trust me, they won't be sending a reminder letter in the mail.

Let's say you miss a payment or two. What happens, then? Well, first off, the dealership will likely call and/or email you to remind you of your missed payment. They might even send one of their friendly representatives to your house for a chat. But if you continue to miss payments, the consequences can get more serious.

The dealership may repossess your car. That's right; they can take back the car you thought was yours. And let me tell you; it's not a pleasant experience. Not only do you lose your mode of transportation, but it can also seriously damage your credit score.

And that's not all! If the car gets repossessed and sold at auction for less than what you owe on loan, guess who's on the hook for the difference? You got it; it's you. So not only do you lose your car, but you also end up owing even more money.

But let's say you're proactive and want to avoid the full repossession. In that case, you can always negotiate a payment plan with the dealership. But even then, missed or late payments will still hurt your credit score.