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이낸스 거래소 is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform by trading volume. Recently, it announced several major news items that have had an impact on crypto traders around the globe. Firstly, Binance launched a margin trading feature for its users, giving them access to leveraged trading for certain digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Moreover, it increased support for more than 30 tokens, enabling new token holders to trade them efficiently.

Additionally, Binance announced the launch of the "Binance Card," which enables customers to instantly convert their digital assets into cash and make payments at any place accepting Visa debit cards. Finally, binance has introduced a DeFi yield farming program and options trading and BTC futures contracts. These announcements mark a significant milestone for binance and the crypto industry, offering traders more options and allowing the platform to become even more competitive.

It is clear that this 이낸스 거래소 will remain at the forefront of cryptocurrency trading for years to come.