- The basic version of his bows have limbs wrapped in pigskin and bandaged with linen threads. In addition, there is also a selection of special versions available.

- Special features of the extra I version are wrappings of eelskin or snakeskin plus inlaid horn grip and bowends (siyahs).

- The extra II version exemplifies Csaba Grózer's tremendous skills as a craftsman. The horn at the limbs and a Pergamun layer in natural or smoky brown on the back make these bows unique collector's items. The horn comes from a primeval longhorn cattle race from the Puszta, while Pergamun is the very thin, parchment-like rawhide of the red deer.

- The TRH technology refers to those special materials that are used for making the bow (it is built of 6 different layers). With these materials he can obtain similar features like the ones of composite bows. The bows made with TRH Lamination are smooth during drawing and fast during shooting. Moreover, since they have quite little handshock, they are accurate. They are more stable than bows made with simple lamination techniques.

- Composite bow finish: This is the kind that is the exact copy of the original, made with the same method as a thousand years ago, and consists of only natural components. The core of the bow is joined together of assorted kinds of wood. The inside (that is on the archer's side) is made of horn plating. The outside is made of tendon strings and fishbladder-glue, layered and shrunk onto the bow.


It is a very difficult task to make a difference among the bows made by Grózer because all of them are traditional bows and for him the most important thing is faithfulness. That's why it's also difficult when a customer wants me to recommend bows for him/her. Despite that, I try to highlighten the advantages and disadvantages of some bows.

The most popular bows are the base Hungarian models. They can be drawn until 31-33" without becoming hard. They are produced in different sizes, so the required draw lenght should be indicated in case of order. Among the Hungarian bows the TRH Hungarian is more and more popular. This is a fast, stable and smooth bow. Moreover, it has no hand shock, therefore it is accurate. The Hungarian of the Middle Ages works quite well and in a unique way. Besides it has a spectacular appearance. It is one of the fastest base bows on the market. Approximately, it is as fast as a laminated bow, has no hand shock and it can be smoothly drawn until 32-34". This bow wasn't made according to faithful findings. The Hungarian bow base C is a very fast, smooth bow which is as stable as his Hungarian base A, but its speed competes with that of a laminated bow.

The Hunnish bows are all assimetrical without exception. Because of the assimetry they have less hand shock than the Hungarians and they are also a little faster.

The Assyrian bows are quite stable and fast during shooting thanks to their shape. It is nice to shoot with them. The most spectacular bow among the Assyrian bows is the Laminated Assyrian. It is one of the fastest and smoothest bows he makes. It can be drawn until 33" easily.

The Avar bows have an interesting appearance and they are faithful, but they have quite small draw length (max 28-29"). Some models have quite big hand shock if we use light arrows with them.

Among the Scythian bows the Old Scythian is the most popular. Both adults and children can use them. A good-working bow in any aspect. So, it is not by chance a popular bow. The Adult Scythian bow is rather a mixture of an Avar and a Scythian bow. When strung it is also similar to a smaller Hungarian bow. This bow also has a model for children.

A lot of people think that the Mongol bows are the best because they have string bridges but in fact they are not at all the fastest bows. Among the extra III (composite) bows the Mongol is the slowest, it is slower that the Hungarian.

He makes all the Turkish-type bows in a rather C-shape except for the Crimean-Tartar bow. Usually the Turkish bows are quite small in size. Despite this they have long draw lenght, at least 30-32" the TRH Turkish can be drawn until 34". Compared to their shape they are the most efficient bows. It has small handshock, so they are not only fast but accurate as well. It is one of the fastest bows in the market among laminated traditional recurve bows. The shape is designed in a way that compared to its size the string doesn't have too less angle when drawn. Despite this one has to get used to its small size. During three-finger shot the indicating finger is only slightly bent, but it is best for thumb shots.